Pastoral Supervision


Pastoral supervision provides an intentional, boundaried, trusting and safe opportunity for theological reflection on the role of the minister and lay leader. It is a process to walk alongside the supervisee with support and facilitate self-aware reflective practice on the impact of different issues on ministry work.

It emphasizes on pastoral care for the supervisee in order to safeguard and enhance quality and effectiveness of ministry work, as well as personal well-being and development of the supervisee. The task is “person-ministry-centred”; it is also a process to restore and reconnect with the sense of vocation.

Pastoral supervision enables supervisees to reflect and learn from what they see, feel and experience; to discern and correlate faith and action; to turn their powerful insight into workable action with renewed energy and hope in their ministry journeys ahead.

Pastoral supervision is neither line management supervision where a more experienced person may supervise another person’s performance, nor any other practices of ministry coaching/mentoring/spiritual direction.